Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Meet Kyle Mclaren

Now honestly, why are we throwing Theo Peckham to the wolves, when we could call up vetrans such as Dean Arsene. Beyond this, as the call seems to be loud for the signing of a higher quality 3rd pairing Dman.
Meet Kyle Mclaren.
While his underlying 07/08 stats
(GF/ON60 2.55, GA/ON60 2.43) were just a little worse (the GA/ON) than the team average, you have to take into account that he had the highest qualcomp, and the worst qualteam on that Sharks team, at
Qualcomp 0.041,QualTeam -0.185.
The only other defender on that years team that was getting close to the competition that Mclaren was facing, was ME Vlasic, with a QC of .34 (and it should be noted that he had much better qualteam).
6'4, 230lbs, only 32 years old. Invited to rangers training camp, but was unable to make it due to an unspecified injury.
He has a long stride, is very strong and has a good stick, seems very sourayesque (i made the word up, ok?). As a plus he also has a booming shot. Please, tell me that this would not a be a cheap, easy pickup for the oilers that would fill a massive hole on the backend (yes that sounds bad).

Yeah, thats what i thought.


  1. That's exactly the type we need. Now if only we knew what that injury was. Ruined back, drinking problem, etc...

    We also need a guy who's in shape to step in right now. Who knows if a guy out that long can help as soon as we need it.

    I guess a slow McLaren would be better than a fast Peckham, Strudwick or hell even Staios at this point.

  2. I totally agree. Unfortunately i just got word from Woody on Lowetides blog that Mclaren suffered a knee injury and, after immediately getting surgery, is looking to get on with a team next year.

    I guess the point is like you said, a slow big defender like mclaren (didnt look slow on that killer bodycheck) would be worlds better than peckham, staios or strudwick.

    Of course we always see fresh players with rose coloured glasses.

  3. There has to be a guy like that still on his last legs though. What happened to Greg DeVries?

  4. lol, actually two guys who should be easy to pick up are brad lukowich and chris (iron man) chelios. They are both playing in the AHL. How hard of a pickup could that be?